Monday, 7 August 2017

Cheesy Again

I've  been rather tight lipped for the last month for I managed to break two of my front teeth falling off a curb in the dark.  Yes, before some of you ask the question, I had been drinking alcohol but not in quantities that made falling flat on my face a certainty.  The curb in question was much higher than normal and I think that my brain wrongly compensated for one that was a regular height.  It's why I think I didn't break my fall without putting my hands out.

Emergency dentistry came to the rescue but one of the teeth that I broke already had a crown due to a mishap at a toga party when I was a student.  Accident prone; Moi?   As the dentist suspected the repair did not bond to the artificial surface..  It lasted less than forty eight hours.  I had to wait a while for the next appointment. Apparently affronts to vanity do not class as dental emergencies even when your teenager is calling you an embarrassing hillbilly.

This replacement feels a lot more secure.  I might even give apple eating a go.  Thanks NHS dentistry.  For the very reasonable sum of £20.60 per visit I'm delighted to be able to show teeth again when I smile.


  1. Poor you - but just £20.60 each visit?! What a bargain you got. xx

    1. Yes I was very grateful. Pound signs passed across my mind in a bad way just after I did it! xx

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