Sunday, 13 August 2017

Six Hours South

I was doing that thing on Friday and into the wee small hours of Saturday morning that many working people might be familiar with - catching up on paperwork before I go on holiday. And I didn't crack it either.  The realistic plan to be completely up to date by Friday didn't work out. Micro-planning isn't a given when there's lots of poorly people about.  Still my admin is at a stage where I was happy to leave the work computer in its bag back home.

And after whirlwind packaging, collecting my bike from the shop where it was serviced and picking up Louis from his dad's house  we were off.  On Roscoff-Plymouth crossing yesterday the first thing I did was collapse in a heap on my bunk and sleep for two hours.  Lou went to the cinema and watched 'The Pirates of the Carribean'.  After that I could manage the start of the holiday proper.  A slap up steak dinner in the ship's cafeteria with one of their delectable raspberry tarts for dessert followed by some literary therapy back in the cabin.  'The kind of masterpiece that reminds you why you read books in the first place.'  is one of the reviews on the cover of my novel.   Now that's my kind of reading!

After dinner I headed off to the shop on the Amorique.  Even though the boutiques on Brittany Ferries aren't that large and I'm not an impulse purchaser I've accumulated some treasure over the years.   Lovely bags, perfume, toys for Louis when he was younger,  Breton tops,  a beautifully ergonomic corkscrew.  All has been really reasonably priced.  I think their buyer has very similar taste to my own.   This is my latest purchase.  A reusable coffee cup was on my wish list.  I bought this one by Neolid.   Its a clever lidless mug.  The top opens so drink that can be poured in but twists shut so drink cannot spill.  And as you can see when it's just open just a teeny bit it holds a reusable straw.  Its a beautiful addition to my kit list to cut down on single use plastic.


  1. Have a great time. What is the book? The quote has my interest!

  2. It's 'The Little Red Chairs' by Edna o'Brien. I may post about it later but wanted to build up the momentum first! xx

  3. Well, you captured my interest. Have read Edna O'B years ago. She seems quite a gal when interviewed.

    1. Reckon she is. Book done and dusted. I'll be looking out for Edna when I next visit the library. She seems quite prolific. xx