Monday, 14 August 2017

We Found Nemo and Other Fishy Things!

Pictures today!  From Oceanopolis at Brest yesterday, a great big aquarium by the sea.  It wasn't on our very rough and ready holiday plan to come to this city by the sea but I'm so glad we did.  We've found a camping spot next to the water.  I've had my morning cuppa watching the sunrise and then went for a flattish run.  Lou hasn't stirred yet.  What do you expect?  He's a teenager on holiday.  Anyway let's get on with my virtual slideshow.  Now can you guess which one's Nemo?

Lou's been here before but he was little and memories were slow in coming.  But they did come back to him.  'Did I lose a cuddly dog here?' he said as he went in.  Yes he bloody did!  What a palaver that was.  The entrance to the polar region smelt fishy.  'There's penguins here isn't there?' he said  as the odour jogged more brain cells into action.  He didn't quite remember where they were though.  You watch a film and then a screen rises to reveal these guys.

The Polar region houses some amazing Inuit art.  A whole skull carved with little people, animals and igloos.  But I think this is my favourite, a hunter with a seal under the ice.

Weird creatures I've never seen before.  I did take a picture of the notice showing what they are but I can't be arsed to go and have a look.  I'm on holiday after all.

Here's my boy with an octopus.  If we'd have stuck around longer he may have predicted some lottery numbers for us.  I took a few selfies of me and a ray but you're not seeing those.  I look as rough as rats. I didn't quite realise just quite how exhausted I'd got.

Arty inspiration in the gift shop at 20 and 40 Euros a throw.  I wondered if I could cut something similar myself out of scrap metal for my garden.

An absolutely gorgeously blue lobster.

I have to be careful with choosing activities for Louis these days in case they're seen as baby-ish.  He choose to do this himself.  The joy on his face suggests that steering model boats about a little artificial pond and trying to crash into the others is still perfectly okay.

More art because I'm that kind of girl.  Isn't it fabulous? Now I know what the Inuits do on those long cold nights when they're stuck inside!


  1. The blue lobster reminds me of the one I saw in the Boston Aquarium when I was on my honeymoon. I hadn't realised until then that they come in other colours occasionally!

    1. Yep - used to think they were pink. Turns out that's their colour when they've been boiled.xx

  2. Blimey, he's a big boy now. You'll be losing him soon ;o)

    1. So he tells me. He's already planning his gap year. He's inherited my genes in terms of independence and a love of travelling. I've known for a long time that he ain't going to be one of those adults who remain tied to apron strings. xx

  3. Love the blue lobster

    Hope you get some much needed rest now you're on holiday

  4. Some wonderful images here, thanks for taking the time. Enjoy the rest of your hols. xxx

  5. We've only ventured to France once on a camping trip. It was shut! The only place we found open was this very aquarium. Thank goodness the camp site was so good.