Thursday, 14 September 2017


Thanks for all your comments from yesterday after my dental disaster.  People have been wonderful online and at work.  Special thanks must go to Barbie Nurse who sits behind me in the office and lives just down the road.  'I made a really lovely vegetable curry yesterday.'  she told me.  'Would you like me to bring some round?  There's no hard bits in it!'  And true to her word, when I arrived home yesterday an ice cream tub of gorgeousness was sitting on  my doorstep.  At tough times it's lovely to have kindness thrown at you.

And so whilst lisping my way through the day I've been thinking of  blessings to keep me going.
Food on my plate, the love of my family and friends, my capacity to do good at work and the gorgeousness of the Devon countryside, both inland and near the sea all feature.    But what's been really wowing me at the current time is thinking about seeds. The realisation that the complex structures in nature and metaphorically our ideas are all created from nothing is blowing my head away.   In a good way of course! Some mornings, for instance, I have not a clue about what I might write on my blogs for the day but something always materialises.

There's a series of talks by Wayne Dyer on Youtube called 'Manifesting Your Destiny'.  I've provided the link to the first of these.  They're a wonderfully uplifting way of passing car journeys when I'm not rediscovering Gary Numan.  I think I'm on the third time round of listening.  In one he talks about how, he was a little boy in foster care, he cut open a tomato seed expecting to find little tomatoes.  Of course all he found was dust.      It's a reminder of the tremendous potential of regrowth that's from essentially nothing in even the leanest of times. 

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me that ,for instance, a tomato plant can grow from a tiny seed, and produce pounds of fruit. Where does it all come from?