Sunday, 31 December 2017

On Dogs

I've trained my mind so that it doesn't spend the majority of its time in the heightened state of anxiety that I once viewed as normal.  So now there's plenty of space between the old ears to ponder the important philosophical questions of life.  And one came to me to me the other day as I was driving through Windy Corner, the gateway into Brixham.  'How do I know that a dog is a dog?'

This picture illustrates the point nicely.  If a affable alien invader came to Earth and during a chat I told them that these creatures were of the same species he'd say that I was having a laugh.   I can't figure it out.  They're all so blooming different.  I had an idea that it might be to do with the eyes but then have a look at huskies.

This lead onto another question.  So how does a dog recognise another dog of a different breed?  I thought that it must be down to that keen sense of smell that our canine friends are supposed to have. But a little research around the subject suggests otherwise. Follow the link to read this Scientific American article reporting   on a pertinent experiment.  It seems that dogs can pick out each other from photos.  No distinctive doggy odour involved!


  1. I have always thought that my schnauzer recognises another schnauzer from quite a distance away!

  2. Dogs certainly do have a huge variety of breeds, possibly more so than any other animals. I will just take this moment to wish you and Louis a Happy New Year x

  3. My I pad can't get the link,or the signal.I've had 7 dogs & thought I understood them-but this one has got me beat-no idea.We meet all sorts each day-titchy,tiny ones & even an Irish wolf hound & they do seem to understand playing & fun x

  4. I will simply wish you and Louis a very happy and peaceful 2018 - all the best, m'dear!

  5. This made me think about working with a youn g cherub who needs a little help due to an extremely shitty start to his little life. We were playing a quick fire game and one of the cards was
    Tell me something you know about dogs.
    All he could offer was they are black.
    Quite apt I sadly thought as we adults might recognise the euphemism that is the black dog. He didn’t have the words or thought processes to st they bark, wag tails, have four legs etc.
    Poor little thing x

    1. Oh bless. I hope he got to learn about the fluffy white curly ones! xx

  6. When we had our beautiful border collie girl she was often visited by (looked at through the gate) a gorgeous old lab so I agree with the scientists theory.
    Chez xo