Friday, 22 December 2017

Really Powerful Animal Magic!

My chum Aril from Gnat Bottomed Towers shared this video on her personal Facebook page.  She might have planned to use it on her own blog and may now be cursing me, 'Blooming Lovelygrey, stealing my ideas!'  Actually I jest.   I don't think she'd really mind even if she is going to do her own post.   For it's a heart warming and powerful tale that deserves to be shared.

It's a homeless man telling the story of the  difference that his beautiful dog has made to his life.   I dropped off my reverse advent gifts earlier in the week, Our local Sainsburys has a box for the food bank of the local charity for the homeless so it was easy.  My gifting included toiletries, baby wipes and tampons as well as Christmassy treats.  I'm planning to continue gifting there into the New Year. Maybe my presents will now include dog food.


  1. No I wasn't going to use it, but the more who see it the better. A very close of mine has the two most gorgeous rescue Staffies and they are a favourite breed of mine.

  2. When I worked at CAB we could refer people to Foodbank. When I would ask a client if they had a dog or cat, and tell them they would get food too it was a special moment, the client was so relieved to hear there was that provision. I heard a woman on Radio 4 yesterday saying how important it is to include toiletries and sanitary products for Foodbank, it was such a wake up call for me, I honestly hadn't thought about the latter. I too am going to continue donating to Foodbank more regularly in 2018. Merry Christmas to you and Louis!!

  3. As lifelong dog owners, I totally understand why these dogs are so cherished by the homeless. Unconditional love, companionship and loyalty are one of life's blessings in this crazy world.

  4. It's great that the homeless people have such a. good friend in their dogs.There are so many staffies needing homes in dog homes.My previous darling was part staffie-she was my daughter & best friend x