Sunday, 24 December 2017

Want, Need, Wear, Read...and a Surprise

I'm home alone this morning and it's grand.  I'm snuggled up in bed in a house that's peaceful except for the calls of the gulls outside.  They no longer annoy me like they did when I first moved to the seaside but are just part and parcel of life here.  I'm so happy to have the contrast of being perfectly content with my own company and a sociable bunny as well.  It's a good combination.

I 'borrowed' Louis from his dad on Friday as the Second Martha Stewart wanted to treat us both to a lovely restaurant meal. We trooped on over to Exmouth where she's staying and. Louis then came home with me.  Yesterday morning he got up at nine, ludicrously early for a teenager.   At the age of five he told me that Santa didn't exist because of the impossibility of delivering all those present s worldwide overnight   But perhaps the lure of 'Father Christmas' making an early delivery got him up.  After opening his presents we breakfasted at Wetherspoons and I packed him off on the bus to Newton Abbot to meet  his dad.

So again in 2017 I pretty much stuck to the Want, Need, Wear, Read  Christmas present buying regime for my son.  It stops excessive spending and over consumption.  This year's 'Want' was a little more expensive than last year's playing cards.  Lou asked for  a Kindle Fire to replace this ancient one that gave up the ghost earlier in the year.

To keep costs low the 'Need' was the case.  Keeping expensive electronic gadgetry safe is essential. 'Read'  is an Amazon voucher for a  downloadable book to go on the new device.  And the 'Wear'?  Well I bought  a very snuggly dressing gown in Aldi  for a tenner but gave it to Lou early because it was chilly in his bedroom.   He loves it and goes around the house looking like a fluffy Noel Coward.  I bought him a duplicate to take to his other home and he's delighted.  Just one extra present,  a Toroidz that I bought months ago at a festival.  It's like a slinkey but runs up and down your arm.  Kids like novelty stuff that they can show off to their mates.

So my plans?  Well I'm heading off back to Exmouth this afternoon to spend Christmas with the Second Martha Stewart and her family.    Apparently I'm on roast potato and sprout duty!


  1. Have a lovey Christmas Juliex

  2. Have a good time ....sending best wishes and love from Harpenden.x

  3. Have a lovely Christmas with your friends, Julie. Louis' gifts sound perfect for a young man and my DH loves his Kindle Fire. I really admire the co-parenting arrangement you have with Louis' Dad-you could show others that it is possible to put your child first. Merry Christmas tomorrow. Catriona

  4. Merry Christmas, enjoy every minute🎅!

  5. I was just thinking yesterday that I would love to be at the coast & hear the seagulls for Christmas.Have a lovely one x

  6. Have fun, whatever you do. And thank you for all your posts this year. xx

  7. Have a wonderful time. Your gifts to Louis were excellent, so well thought out!