Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Baxter and Suitcases

This is my  handsome doggy friend Baxter.  Mr Metrosexual's foot gets a look in too.  They were passing the house on Sunday just before we were about to begin our walk.  'I need a picture of Baxter for a blog post.'  I called out.  They obliged.  He's all muzzled up as the court system has deemed him dangerous due to his breeding.  In reality he's a big softie.  The only potential for harm is when he bounds up to greet you excitedly and nearly knocks you over in the process.   Okay cats might risk life and limb if they approach too close.  He hates them.

In between Christmas and New Year I popped round to see Mr Metrosexual for a cuppa and ended up drinking far too much gin instead.    For after all you only live once.    Mr Metrosexual showed me the present that he'd bought his partner Ruff Stu for Christmas.  It was a rather swanky carry on case.  As it was wheeled into the room Baxter showed signs of distress, a bit of whelping and then he moved away sulkily and then refused to be coaxed back to join us.   'He always gets like that when he sees a suitcase.'  said Mr. Metrosexual.

Baxter understands their meaning  all too well.   He knows that packing heralds a time where he'll be left behind in Blighty.  Even though he normally has a house sitter or goes to stay with 'My Other Boys' who spoil him rotten he is still sad at the thought of being left by his masters.   Is he unique or does  the sight of luggage causes anyone else's pet to have abandonment issues?


  1. Humphrey has it sussed...he just gets in the case and sits waiting to be packed!

  2. We've had many dogs (not all together) and they've been exactly the same with cases and grips. Our last dog before our present one was the same with cardboard boxes as we moved twice while we had him. The cases we could leave to the last minute before packing, but not the boxes unfortunately.

    Joan (Devon)

  3. Our dogs have always twigged on pretty quick the meaning of suitcases and overnight bags. Our first dog jumped into the boot of the car every time someone opened it, for whatever reason, just in case we forgot to take her with us.

  4. Our little dog - which we've had for only a short period of time - quickly realized something was up when I brought out a suitcase for a trip. She planted herself inside it as though to say, "You're not going without me."

  5. My top dog knows however sneakily I try to pack for holidays.He does know all the signs even if he's asleep during it all.Lovely Lily is very lively & wears a muzzle & just wants to have fun x