Friday, 19 January 2018

Dog Sled: Bringing New Meaning to the Phrase!

I  realise that people in other parts of the UK might have been experiencing wintery snaps.  We hardly ever get any of the white stuff in Torbay.  Just one flake gets us a little excited and causes traffic chaos!  So it's a snowy themed post today just to remind me what snow looks like.  I hope you enjoy it.  Even if you've seen it before it's worth watching again as it's really rather joyful.


  1. Lovely! You can see his joy.

    Joan (Devon)

  2. Such a clever,fun dog.I've seen one surfing on tv.The only thing mine did was drag the other about on his lead to the other dogs annoyance x

    1. I expect he had other good qualities if intelligence was lacking. xx