Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Good Old Ebay

Back in 2012 I bought my first Skipping Girl bag from Oxfam, an Australian brand hand woven out of repurposed fishing twine.  And here it is.  I've had a couple more since.  They're really robust apart from the clear plastic that usually covers the twine handles.  Once it splits all sorts of debris gets in and makes for a shabby carry all.  Thank goodness for Ebay.  Here's my replacement that arrived last week.  Just over a tenner and it will keep going for a good year or so.

I'm a bit naughty about buying clothes.  One of the reasons is that I get bored with wearing the same thing.  It's a win-win situation for the charity shops as I donate and I'm a customer as well.

There's two dresses though that I bought from George in Asda about four years ago that I love and have worn and worn.  But they're both on the way out.  However with a complicated search on Ebay I've got  replacements.  Here's the first photographed with my original dress.  I didn't realise quite how much it had faded until the new one arrived.

And here's what the new one looks like on me.  It the type of style that I like with a homage to retro.  It's ever so stretchy and I got away with buying a size 12 for the first time in many years.  The cardigan is a newbie too from a Newton Abbot charity shop on Friday.

The second hasn't arrived yet so you'll have to make do with the picture from the Ebay seller.  My original was a £7 sale bargain which has tided me through many smart and casual occasions. It's been a corker.  I love the pattern on the fabric and the neckline.    Not sure if the material degraded on its own or if it was helped by moths but it's recently developed loads of tiny holes.  It'll be lovely to have a pristine version to compare it too

What I'm now wondering is whether I'll finally be fed up of this stuff when it gets worn out again or whether I'll be back again on good old Ebay hunting out identical items yet again!


  1. I do like your dress & bags.It's funny I've loads of clothes but over the years I've always gone back to grey & blues.I had a very long phase of black now my hair is mainly grey,blues & greys are great.I too enjoy just a bit of seaside red with it x

    1. I'm love pink as well. Just adore girlie. xx

  2. Nice bags....and the dress is lovely on you. Dresses just don't suit me :(

  3. I like that picture of you very much, the dress suits you well.