Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Spreading Happiness Through Socks

I've just come across this  entrepreneurial young man who has to have one of the most infectious smiles I've  seen for a long time.   Before this video starts he can be seen holding up his own creations designed to raise awareness for Down's Syndrome.   Alongside his father he's built up a rather successful business selling wacky socks in a very short space of time.  Today's title is his tagline.    What an inspiration this guy is and this father-son combo, where John works closely with someone who recognises and supports him to draw on his strengths, is such a great model that perhaps others with special needs could follow.

I'm  particularly taken with  the idea of the 'Sock of the Month' club although I'm afraid I'm not going to be subscribing.    My zaniness is tempered by the fact that I'm a strictly plain black sock kind of girl.  I'm as conservative it comes when it comes to cladding for my tootsies.  But for those who like a little craziness going on at ankle level go and have a look at John's website.  There's a wonderfully original selection.  Hell, as a Coen brothers fan I'm even tempted by the Bigfoot Lebowski pair and they're a very garish yellow.  For any Brit who can't resist I see John ships to the UK.


  1. They look to be very popular socks as some designs are sold out x

  2. I like my socks to be wool and hand knitted but I liked the video - very uplifting.

    1. Each to their own. Woolly and hand knitted sound great in principle but they'd be too thick for me. xx