Sunday, 21 January 2018

Storage: Inspired by Meanqueen

My boy is miles better.  I let him have a day in yesterday so that he could stay cosy and he drifted towards his electronic gadgetry.  Here he is murdering somebody on his Xbox.   Now those games have been getting on my nerves for a little while now.    Not because of the violence you understand.  That goes with the territory with teenage boys.   No it's the bloody mess that they create.   This is the only corner of the house left that hasn't been 'Japanese Art  of Tidied'  to within an inch of its life.  I've been on the look out for an aethetically pleasing container so I can rein them in.

Louis lost his appetite for a few days so I wanted to tempt him to eat on Friday.  'Is there anything that you really fancy?'  I'd asked.  He thought about it.  'Chicken Korma would be lovely.' he said.

Now if I was a perfect mother I'd have rustled up a curry from scratch but it'd had been a hard week at work and I was knackered.  A full time working single mum has to compromise sometimes.  So  I bought one of those supermarket 'boxed sets'.    It came in this box.  Even though it was natty I was about to throw it out. Then I came across a recent post about storage solutions by my friend Meanqueen.  She's done a video where she's put all sorts of old boxes and pots to good use.  It got me thinking.

So today, after detouring to the Breakwater to see the seals again. I popped into town and chose some wrapping paper.  When I got home I got out scissors, cutting knife and the glue gun.  I took the box apart,  covered it with pretty paper and  reassembled it.   There you go.  One of the naffest crafting posts ever but I'm rather pleased with it. It has something of the Elmer the Elephant about it.

Louis' games fit in it perfectly.  I knew they would  because I'd checked before I went out.  I'd popped them all in and put them in alphabetical order at the risk of the usual accusations of having OCD.   I  This is much more in keeping with  the decor of my living room than having randomly scattered Xbox disc cases everywhere .  Toy shop chic, Sugar Plumb call my style.     There's just one problem.  My latest storage solution is already full.  If Louis pops down Game again we're in trouble. I suppose that we'll just have to have demolish another load of supermarket ready meals!


  1. Love it. I watched her video too but wouldn't have thought of using the take away box. It looks great.

  2. Brilliant idea. I love the folding top. I like the original colours but your version is a lot more pleasing. I sometimes take boxes apart at the seams, they can be used as templates, just as you have discovered.

  3. That's great and so wonderful that you got the idea from Ilona!

  4. I have been doing things like that for many years; it started when I was a new mother and had very little in the way of home making or even money. I still do it.

  5. I'm pleased that your Louis is a lot better today.I thought for a moment that the box was an ethnic basket.I must store my things urgently.I do have mild OCD but it is numbers & sequences & touching certain items-sadly not tidying or cleaning x