Thursday, 18 January 2018

Trump Tales

My friend, The Second Martha Stewart, snapped this at WH Smith on one of the London stations.  Interesting times.  Even though I've reduced my news input these days in favour of directing my focus in a more edifying direction,  what's going on in the big wide world doesn't entirely pass me by.   

Louis seems fascinated by Donald Trump.  It started when he told that sweet 'old lady' on the bus that the then president incumbent wanted to sleep with his daughter.  It's refreshing to realise that a teenager recognises outragoeusly unacceptable behaviour when he sees it.  I must have done something right on my parenting journey.  Last weekend he went to Waterstones to spend the book token that the staff gave him on his recent work placement.  He'd been told to buy one academic book so he got a revision manual for his GCSE English.   He also spied this on the front display counter.

Some way has taken lots of quotes from Donald and rearrange them to create poetry.  I love the Dylan Thomas-esque cover too.  'I've got to have that!' said Louis.  The book's gone off in his school bag and apparently all his friends are having a bit of a laugh too.   Here's one of those 'beautiful poems' that gave me a giggle.  It is quite astonishing that the most powerful man in the world saw fit to let these utterances out of his mouth.  But he did.  Each line in the book is referrenced.
Will Smith did a great job by smacking the guy “reporter” who kissed him 
Together we're going to fix our rigged system

Sarah Jessica Parker voted “unsexiest woman alive” – I agree
We must keep “evil” out of our country
A person who is very flat chested is very hard to be a ten
We're going to make America great again


  1. Oh, dear gods, there must be an end to this idiot soon, surely?

    Well done to Louis. xx

    1. He seems to be keeping up the momentum for the time-being anyway. Let's hope he retires to the golf course shortly. xx

  2. You must be very proud of Louis.When I was a young lady I would not,I am pleased to say have had attention from donald as I've always been as flat as a pancake x

    1. I might get attention for the chestiness but thank goodness I probably wouldn't score a 10 on all sorts of different counts! xx