Tuesday, 6 February 2018


I'm not heading home tonight.   Instead I'm making the most of my mini weekend in the middle of the week and heading off down to Cornwall after work for two nights.    Calamity Jane moved there from Essex in October but, try as we might, we couldn't sync our time off until now.  She's got a job with the Devon and Cornwall Police and works weird shift patterns even though she's one of their back room girls and not out arresting baddies herself.

In preparation for my trip I went out shopping for house warming presents at the weekend in  our local gift stores.  It was lovely to have an opportunity to potter about in them.  For her main present I've bought her a polar bear table lamp.  Less kitsch than it sounds.  I would have taken a photo but it' a pig to get back in its box.  If you follow the link it's this one.  I had a long discussion with the shop owner about whether this was a suitable gift for an adult and we decided the bear was a perfectly acceptable friendly addition to any house.  I buy things that I  covet for  myself and always tell the recipient that I'll take the present back if they don't like it.  I've never had to do this so can't be too bad at guessing what my friends might love themselves.

I also spotted this which I bought  instead of a 'Welcome to Your New Home' card. After all she's been there a few months.  Now I don't really have one bestie. There's a  mixed bag of about six or seven wonderful people that I consider equally close.  I hope Jane likes her.    After all a 'best friends forever fairy' is bound to bring a Cornish hideaway good luck!


  1. Fabulous gifts! I love the bear. I first read it as a "koala" bear so it didn't seem so realistic. I went back and re-read, this time saw it said "polar bear"! He is grand.

  2. They are gorgeous pressies.I think it is a happiness fairy & the polar bear will keep your friend safe x