Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Hump Day Revisited

I'm well into my routine now of condensing a full-time working week into four days and having Wednesday off.   So what do I do?  Well lets go over what happened yesterday shall we?  It's probably going to describe a typical pattern from now on.

 I think I've mentioned before that there's still a school run to Totnes but at least it gets me up.   Of course I'd miss my morning shouty moments with an unwieldy adolescent too!  Yesterday I got a grocery shop on the way home.  I treated myself to a few of the bunches of narcissi that were on display at the till.    And then I went for a rather weedy run.  After five months where exercise has been difficult I thought I'd start gently and go back to the very start of the NHS Couch to 5K running plan.   I'm happy to say that running for one minute bursts interspersed with ninety second walks is super easy.  But better safe than sorry.

What else?  Well I blogged, meditated, gave thanks for the previous day and did a few competitions.  All these are now part of my daily routine.   I discovered the whereabouts of a very short lived work pension plan that I'd had years ago.  It turned out that it wasn't quite the tiny pot of money that I'd imagined.  Then I worked towards getting my dementia consultancy business to a point that it is finally up and running.  For the best part of a year I've been focusing on getting my name known.  It's working.  'Ah, you're the Dementia Consultant who writes those articles!' someone I met recently said.   I hope soon that the pennies will start rolling in.  So I busied myself for the best part of the day on updating my website.  It's not there yet but I'm pleased with the process. Next step will be firming up the plans for the services I'm offering.  I'm in the process of organising therapy rooms where I'll do some of the work.

I've been very stern with keeping Wednesdays free. It would be all too easy to relent to requests to change the day to fit around someone else's plans but I've held fast.  That would probably be a slippery slope back to five day working.  As it is my work documentation is up to date, the chores at home get down, there's time to work on forward plans and even some over for rest and relaxation.  It's as if I've made time out of thin air.  Combined condensed hours with the idea of a 'Sabbath', a day, not necessarily Sunday, that I devote to rest and pleasure it's working brilliantly.  I'd really recommend it!


  1. This sounds perfect for you, do keep to it and don't backslide! xx

    1. I won't. Although I have to be pragmatic about exercise. There seems some times that my body screams REST! xx

  2. I think that you have made a great decision to live your life so you achieve your goal x