Monday, 12 February 2018

Lisbon: First Impressions

Our Portuguese holiday has come around.  Due to getting up at stupid o' clock I was pretty tired and didn't take huge amounts of photos but I'm pleased with the ones I'm showing you.  Thankfully we had effortless airport experiences and sussed the Lisbon public transport system in no time.   We got to our apartment early before Carlos, the father of the owner had finished cleaning but we'd prearranged to drop our bags so we could start exploring as soon as possible.  On our way to find a 'All You Can Eat Sushi' lunch to please the boy we spotted this.  Do you need a hand with that building?

Lisbon is hilly!  As well as usual public transport options there are lifts built in the 19th century so that you can cut out some of those gradients.  Our home town of Brixham could learn a thing or two here.  This is the most famous, the St Justa.  The queues were long so we decided to take the onward and upward approach on another day.

All that hill walking meant that a  little snack before an afternoon nap was in order.  Here's one of the wonderful pasteis de nata that we'd bought from the bakery...and an empty glass of vinho verde.  It slipped down rather nicely.  After the snooze I realised that man cannot live on wine and custard tarts alone.  We set out to Lidl to stock the fridge and cupboard with snacks and breakfast.  I like the contrast of this door to the posh buildings that we'd seen earlier in the day.    Graffiti artists have had a field day in this city.

Our apartment was described as being in an up and coming area.  'This is not a tourist zone' said one piece of street art.  We realised that when we ventured out the first time and came across a couple of blokes having a fight.   The more angry one didn't throw a rock at the other until he'd made sure we'd passed.   In all honesty though  I feel very safe here.  We have a very cosy nest to return to at the end of the day.

Back tomorrow.  I'll been able to show you our cunning plan for tackling those big old hills!


  1. The hills of Lisbon are a challenge, thankfully they have trams! I remember the graffiti and lots of rough sleepers but it always felt safe there. Lots of cake shops as I recall! Enjoy yourselves.😎

    1. Yep rough sleepers and cake shops. Thank goodness that doesn't sum it up. xx

  2. Sounds like a real adventure. Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Love the building with the arm.

  4. Even the local anti social behaviour seems civilized there.It appears very interesting with lots to see x