Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Modifying Jamie

I let Louis have free rein of my cookbooks at the weekend and he chose to try and knock up a whole meal from Jamie's 30 minute meals.  I was banned from the kitchen  An hour and forty minutes after the start time he cried for help.  We rescued the Piri Piri Chicken - and jolly nice it was too but the dessert, Portuguese Custard Tarts had not progressed well.  Little balls of puff pastry were baked hard in the oven so we aborted those.   Lou had bitten off more than he could chew.

But as he'd made the custard mix already we thought we'd have another go last night.  A joint effort this time.   Here's the link to the recipe for those who want it.  In order to avoid a repetition of the last disaster we departed slightly from Jamie Oliver's instructions.  Sacrilege!  We tore up the greaseproof paper from the ready rolled puff pastry and popped them on top of each uncooked pastry case.  Then I introduced Lou to the use of baking beans to stop the pastry puffing up.

This time our tarts turned out yummy, not too sweet and very citrusy.  They are topped with blobs of orangey caramel.

I never realised the Carry On-esque potential of a sugar thermometer though until I'd cooked with a teenager!


  1. How lovely that he's got the enthusiasm to have a go at cooking something he's never made before all by himself.

    I had to look at the thermometer twice before I got it.....and then it made me giggle!

  2. Louis picked a tricky recipe that I wouldn't have dreamt of trying so well done for that. I have that book too and found that it always took quite a bit longer than thirty minutes. I also have the latest book - 5 ingredients. I like that better as it is simpler.

  3. My baking is usually a disaster.Even the ready rolled pastry goes wrong somehow.("Oo er-that's a big un !")x

  4. It is good that he likes a challenge. Good on you for encouraging him. xx

  5. Excellent stuff. I remember loving those custard tarts but didn't have them with caramel! Miam-miam! The bawdy nature of the sugar thermometer reminded me of how we used to have a drawer in the garage labelled "BIG TOOLS Oo-er missis!"