Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Nerdy Art Lover: A Field Day

Louis travels with his 'other family'  quite often and says that when he does his dad's girlfriend doesn't like to make any plans for their itinerary.  Other people go to the opposite extreme.  A particularly meticulous friend had his month long EuroRail trip during our university holidays planned down to the departure time of every train that he was going to catch.   I believe that this future actuary stuck to his unwavering timetable.   Impressive research in the days before the internet.    Me?  I'm somewhere in between.    When I go somewhere I make plans.  Some are set in stone but most can change.  There's also a bit of flexibility for the surprises that we encounter. 

When we arrived in Lisbon I saw posters everywhere for an exhibition of Escher's work at the Museo de Arte Popular and decided it was a possible on our agenda.  His weird pictures of staircases were the only things that had registered in the past.    But then I saw this picture on the Escher Lisboa website and was blown away with its beauty and cleverness.  I had to go.  I'm so glad we got there.  Such mastery.   And a lot of the pictures on display were prints from woodcuts, a medium not dissimilar to my beloved lino.

So below without comment I'm sharing some of my pictures from the show.    Except to say that  the one that goes on and on is Metamorphisis II,   a wonderful four metre masterpiece that can be inspected to appreciate all its glory here.   As usual my own are not perfectly composed. After all 'There is a Crack in Everything.  That's How the Light Gets In'.  Mr Escher with his mathematical precision might not have agreed.


  1. Oddly when I first saw the top picture I only noticed fish & when I looked again I was surprised to see the birds.I luv the flying fish one too x

    1. Gorgeous aren't they. One of my favourites has to be the puddle.xx