Tuesday, 13 February 2018

OMG It's So Cool!

I think I can thoroughly recommend Lisbon as a destination for exploring with a teenager.  I don't ever think I've heard the words of today's title uttered quite so often in the space of a few hours.  I said I'd come up with a plan to beat the hills. No, it wasn't a tram driven by a bored driver.  It was this!

We signed up for an electric bike tour. Now I know I've taken the piss out of Red Mel for her motorised cycle but I thought it was the ideal way of getting around and orientating ourselves to the city.  We're weren't disappointed.  The trip lead by the very enthusiastic Peter who was born in London was an enchanting mixture of daredevil weaving in and out of traffic and informative history telling.  I didn't quite appreciate how influential the Portuguese have been in world history.  It's interesting to hear stories from a non British perpective.

In spite of the mechanical help uphill we're exercising so hard that we've got an excuse for stuffing our faces.  Grilled octopus and paella for lunch followed by pudding on the banks of River Tagus.  My boy is mainlining custard tarts.

And artisan ice cream shaped like a rose.  I had a lick.  It was yummy.

Detail of a statue nearby our pudding spot.  Louis said that, from the angle that I've taken this picture, it looks like the elephant is doing something incredibly rude to the bloke which accounts for the horror on his face.  I told my son that he had a dirty mind but he may have a point.

An amazing place where tinned fish is arranged so that it looks like a bookshop.

And downstairs there is a homage to sardines.  Those golden cans that you can just pick out in the netting cost 22 Euros each.   Back to Lidl for me!

A weird doll hospital off one of the main squares.  I think the 'patients' are dressed for tomorrow's Mardi Gras.

And the Cathedral of St Domingos gave Lou the wooblies.  It was the scene of a 16th Jewish massacre and remains untouched after a fire in the '50s.   I felt nothing but of course I do a darned lot to provide myself from unsettling forces these days!


  1. Wow! It really does look a wonderful place to explore x

    1. It is and we're only going to scratch the surface in a week. xx

  2. I think it must have changed somewhat since I was there...

    1. Maybe not...it is fairly shabby chic in a way that may buildings look untouched for 30-40 years. xx

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