Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Golden Hind......In Triplicate

I went for a wander down to the town in the sunshine yesterday and took this picture of the Golden Hind in the harbour.  No it's not the real one but a replica built for a TV series in the 1960s.

By coincidence my childhood home town Southend-on-Sea also had a copy of Francis Drake's boat that's now been demolished. In its heyday it housed a chamber of horrors and advertised its wares with a tableau of a torture scene outside.  Just the thing that you need on a nice family day out to the seaside.  A bloke with bulgy eyes was tied down and a blade swung just above his stomach.  For effect there were a few drips of blood on his linen shirt.  In researching this piece I came across someone who said that this gave them nightmares as a kid.  I'm not bloody surprised.

When I came across the other replica of ye olde Golden Hinde on the South Bank of the Thames I was beginning to think that copies of the tudor ship must be two a penny.    But this is not so.  The three that I've encountered have been the only ones in existence.  


  1. I thought that the Golden Hind looked like a man for a moment on the photo.I wondered if as you've seen it 3 times whether it has a message-such as choppy water but then all gold?At school I was in Golden Hind sport team x

  2. I wondered about the message too when it occurred to me. Not sure what it means though. xx