Saturday, 17 February 2018

Towers, Tunnels and Tuk Tuks

If I am ever rich beyond belief I will of course find myself a wonderful house and commission one of the funkiest motorhomes on the planet.  Those whom I love would come off okay as well.  And they'd be some sort of trust fund for eliminating a major ill from this planet.  Remember I'm talking mega bucks here.

After yesterday I've decided I'd take a leaf out of the book of Carvehlo Monteiro who commissioned Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra.   With the assistance of an architect Manini he designed a palace and the whackiest garden that I've ever visited.  It's a mixture of zany buildings and underground tunnels and grottos, allegedly with all sorts of mystical symbolism.  We didn't grasp any of that.  We were having too much fun exploring.  And so with a small portion of my billions,  I'd like to create something similarly joyful and share it with the public to raise smiles.  Here's some of what we saw.

And that's not all.  Somewhere on the way back to catching the train we both lost our Tuk Tuk cherries.  Sorry about the photo quality.  It's the only one I took.  I was holding on for dear life for the rest of the trip!


  1. It all looks amazing! You seem to be having the best time.

    1. It's been brilliant. Really chilled but with something lovely to do everyday. xx

  2. Great photos -You are seeing so much & it looks such fun.I thought for a moment your Louis was wearing a crown x

  3. That would be amazing to have that in your garden! xx

  4. I know. I only have a tiny backyard but it's inspired me to do something a little whacky. Haven't worked out what yet. xx