Thursday, 15 February 2018

Watch Fish.......

A gorgeous day at the Lisbon Aquarium today.  It's one of the biggest in the world.

Of course there's the ubiquitous Nemo.  No self respecting watery world can be without the teeny drawing clown fish these days but there's so much more.

Here's a guy who just lying around.

And Louis admiring a ray.  Most of the exhibits are in one great big tank.  No piranhas in there though.  Now that would have made it really interesting.

 There was some pretty spots down in the deep.

I'm in love with these seadragon guys, a relative of seahorses.  So cute!

And a wonderful tableau made my the starfish and anemones.

Selfie with sunfish!

And here he is without the ugly bugger in shot too!

A spiky dude.

And here's the inspiration for my  next print.  I thought that I might find it in that place.

Now's the time for my vegetarian and vegan readers to look away.

......Eat Fish

A trip for 'All You Can Eat' Sushi followed.  Looking at all that marine life made us hungry.


  1. Somehow, you'd think a sunfish would be pretty (it kind of sounds pretty)'s not! Love the sea dragon and the jellyfish. You're having a wonderful time by the looks of it.

    1. No sunfish have the ugly gene I'm afraid. We're having a brilliant time. Only scratching the surface of this wonderful city. xx

  2. Never heard of a sea dragon before...gorgeous!

    1. There's a leafy variant that was my first introduction to these creatures in the aquarium in Seattle. Go search on Google and looksie! xx

  3. Replies
    1. Yes I chose my Samsung 7 Edge because of the picture quality. xx

  4. Another very special day-I do love those sea dragons too-made me think of underwater hares x

    1. It hadn't occurred to me but I see what you mean! xx

  5. I could spend hours just gazing into that tank. xx

  6. It was lovely. Of course my visit was briefer than it would be alone. I have to go at teen pace. xx