Sunday, 18 March 2018

A Weird One

Snow is falling in Bristol.  My mission today is, if it is possible, getting us back to Devon safely and soundly all in one piece without bumping into anyone else.  We will leave after breakfast and travel as slowly as we need to.

I'm sharing an odd picture today.  It's to illustrate the weird, wacky and wonderful things that can be seen in everyday life if we're paying attention.  Red Mel made us a roast chicken when we arrived on Friday and then left the pan to soak in which she'd cooked roast potatoes in goose fat.  This is what I discovered in the morning.  It wouldn't look out of place as a fabric design!


  1. Safe journey! I LOVE that pattern- I can imagine Kaffe Fassett using that in a patchwork. I have a very similar one picturedin a Tricia Guild decorating book from the 1980's - when everything was brown and beige, I recall. How clever of you to spot the beauty in the kitchen sink!!!!

    1. It is a bit eighties. It reminds me of slip patterns on ceramics too. xx

  2. Hope you get back safe and sound

  3. Take care on your travels. I'm in Devon, on the border of Devon and Somerset and the snow is quite thick and still coming down.
    It's my husband's birthday today and our daughter is treating us to a meal, but I don't know if we'll be going yet.

    Joan (Devon)

  4. Sometimes I think it's like having another radio channel tuned in when I am aware of such unusual beauty - usually unexpected x