Saturday, 24 March 2018

A Year On

How's that for an image to make your eyes go all squirly!  That's a made up word which I hope that you'll like.   Some types of  possessions have a hard time in my hands.  Shoes, mobile phones until I discovered hardcore cases, paperback books and toothbrush heads to name a few.    Bags are another.  They tend to have a short life because I put so much stuff into them.  In goes everything but the kitchen sink but there may be a few breeze blocks in there for good measure.

In 2017 I embarked on my usual Easter pilgrimage to my childhood home town of Southend-on-Sea to see my folks.  There I popped into TK Maxx because I needed a new work bag.  For the princely sum of about twenty eight pounds I came away with this one.  Never let it be said that I choose my clothes and accessories to fade into the background.  It still looks as good as new a year on.  Believe me sometimes there's so much in it that I have difficulty carrying it.  Yet those shoulder straps have held their own.

It's made by a Dutch company A Spark of Happiness.  Indeed's it's robustness and great colour scheme means that it's lived up to its name.  I've included the web link here in case anyone else is tempted.  Even at full price the bags are pretty good value for such a quality product.


  1. Ooo yes-I like that-I need some Squirly in my life x

    1. Unfortunately though my friend with Menieres disease said that the picture made her feel very dizzy! xx