Thursday, 8 March 2018

As the Sun Rises

I chose today's photo from Pixabay.....because I like it!  What better reason.  There is a different quality of light at sunrise when compared to sunset and I think this captures this.

My morning routine before I leave the bed for the day is fairly unwavering these days so I thought I'd share it.  It begins with twenty minutes meditation to white noise.  In an ideal world I'd assume a yoga pose and get up but it's chilly at that time of day. So I invariably do the exercise whilst lying prone.   Next I'll write ten things from the day before in 'My Little Book of Gratefulness'. What's  quite wonderful about this is that I'm always looking for things each day that have potential to go in this list.  I've already found one today for tomorrow.

Then I crawl out of bed....temporarily mind.  I go downstairs and get  tea in my great big Cornishware mug.  Whilst I'm doing that I might do some quick chores, putting the dry dishes away, putting a washload on.  That kind of thing.

Then back to bed and on the computer.  Things adopt a higgledy piggledy order each day but they are pretty much the same.  Checking my scheduled posts for the business,  befriending and following on my Twitter dementia account, sorting out bit and bobs on Facebook, entering competitions that are closing soon, answering emails. I'l write this blog if it hasn't been done in advance.  It has to be a quick one - like this if I write in the morning.  I might respond to comments if there's still time.

I'm quite pleased with what I manage to achieve before the day starts.  When I was unhappy in my job at the end of my career in accountancy a friend and I decided that we would do something meaningful before our working day started.  This has stuck.  Needless to say I'm an early bird by preference.  Even at weekends waking after seven is unusual.


  1. The first thing I do on getting up (well, after the loo visit!) is to go in the front bedroom and look out of the window at the lovely view towards the Quantocks. Sometimes it's misty and grey and the hills aren't visible - today I could see for miles and miles (as the song goes!). The quality of the light this morning is fantastic - so clear and sparkling. Enjoy your day.

  2. After the alarm goes off I like to check in with Archangel Michael & then visualise a golden light around myself & my dogs -then my day begins x