Thursday, 22 March 2018

Both Building

At Louis' studio school,which specialises in the built environment, work experience starts at the age of fourteen, a week each term.  Isn't that such a brilliant opportunity and a great model for equipping teens with the skills to get by in the grown up world?   A bag of protective clothing, including a hard hat comes home with him in case he goes on site visits.   He's at an small firm of architects this time around, just a hop, skip and a jump down the hill from the house.  To be honest it's not really his bag.  He's more of an engineer than a creative.  Still he'll have to work with other professions so it's great he's getting a peek at what they do.  He says he's looking forward to doing the calculations and telling his friends who have their sights set on architecture that their designs won't work because they don't obey the laws of physics!

I've been using fledgling building skills too but not in the nitty gritty work of construction. My wonderful nephew Ben has persuaded me to transfer my dementia website from  a Wix to a Wordpress  platform 'before it's too late!'. It's a bit of a pfaff  but would have been a bigger job further down the line.  I'm hoping it pays off by giving me lots more flexibility to change the site as the business grows.

Even though using Wix was a really easy way to get a site up and running in the first place.  It's much more intuitive than Wordpress, as I'm finding to my cost today.  But I was noticing all sorts of annoying limitations on Wix from early on.  For instance, adding comments boxes for blogs would have meant an extra monthly fee as did upgrading to allowing users to make unlimited searches.    Just a little thought for those thinking of setting up their own website.    All that mental effort has been as exhausting as if I'd been carrying a hod load of bricks  around and doing some proper building work rather than the e-kind.  So scheduling ahead and glad to sign off from a long day at the  computer.  Who said that this midweek day off was going to be relaxing?


  1. I wish that there had been similar schools when I was being educated, all I ever wanted to do was draw and paint, stich and sew, knit and crochet. I would have been so much happier doing those things. This is such a good opportunity for Louis.

    Good luck with your own building too. xx

    1. I'd have liked a school like Lou's. I think I might have ended up being an architect. xx

  2. Hope you are now floating on a soft pillow after a busy day x