Sunday, 25 March 2018

I Love The Smell of Printing Ink In The Morning

So much better than napalm!  I've woken up to this particular odour because I was printing yesterday evening,  enjoying a rare evening to myself.  The smell of my Caligo inks isn't what you might think. It's earthy, more akin to potting compost rather than the harsh chemicals that you might expect.

And here's what  I'm made.    I'm rather thrilled with my jellyfish print, quite delicate when compared to my earlier octopus.    What I like about this polystyrene printing method is that each picture that I make is subtly different.  The ink grips a different place on the plate each time. It's a far different feel, to linocut, another favourite medium. 

I was a busy bee yesterday  and ran off a modified version of my crab print.  I just spent a few minutes poking the design with a skewer to add more texture to the crab body.  I think it's paid off! 


  1. They both look particularly good. You must have enjoyed yourself doing it. xx

    1. I did...and planning the next session too! xx