Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Not Posh Yet

 What I love about the place that I've chosen to live is the contrast.  Yes, it's in a beautiful setting and some rather nice boutiques and eateries have sprung up since I moved here.  But it's still a down to earth place, a working town with a good mixture of people, shops where you can buy useful stuff  and friendly no-nonsense back street boozers like my local where I occasionally win a sausage or two.

When I was looking for a house in Brixham five years ago the estate agent extolled the town's virtues.   He was obviously mistaking me for a incomer who know nothing about the area when he told me that soon the town would be as posh as neighbouring Dartmouth or Salcombe that's a bit further to the west.   For those not in the know, these are holiday destinations favoured by people with kids called Tarquin.

Here's proof that it's not there yet.  Thank goodness.  Spotted by Mr Metrosexual in the 'pound shop' on Sunday where we'd gone to buy dog poo bags!


  1. They are a thing of great beauty....titter!

  2. How funny!
    My English friend in Toronto went to lunch with some friends the other day- she ordered a salad with Cod Pieces!! The other gals didn't get the joke at all! I think every English pub should offer Cod Pieces with chips. JanF

    1. I'll suggest it to my favourite chippie! xx

  3. Dear gods, imagine living where a Tarquin does! Doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

    I would rather be near those shops.

  4. And as for Cod pieces, that cracked me up!