Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Plant Based 'Milk': Bah!

I forgot my milk order on Sunday night.   It went clean out of my head.  Something to do with beavering away on the business website.  I'd nearly run out.    There was only just enough left for the first big mug of tea of the day.  Yesterday was a toughie.  So much suffering.   I was looking forward to mainlining tea after work as an aid to recharging those batteries.

I popped into Sainsburys on the ring road to rectify my fridge faux pas. But the chill cabinet was bare.  That Beast from the East was to blame.  The non dairy cabinet was still pretty full so I thought that I'd give a vegan alternative a go.  I've been meaning to for a while.  There was quite a selection.  'Tastes just like milk' was the gist of the blurb on the not inexpensive packet that I eventually chose.  I beg to differ.

Whoever developed the stuff doesn't seem to have been anywhere near regular organic semi skimmed recently.  It doesn't taste like coconut, nor does it separate out or leave a fatty aftertaste when added to coffee.   That's not my normal caffeinated tipple but I didn't dare pop it in tea.  It might be okay to drink on its own but I was yearning for a familiar tasting substitute in my favourite beverage. Isn't that how most adults take milk?  Maybe I was asking too much.

In some ways I'd have really liked to fall in love with the stuff. Even though I'm an all out omnivore I can see lots of arguments for cutting back on meat and dairy.  Sorry vegans, I did try!


  1. I have tried coconut & almond milk but wasn't too keen.I use the cheap soya milk in tea-for me it's fine but sometimes curdles in coffee x

    1. Yes I wish I'd just gone with cheap. I can tolerate that. xx

  2. Cows milk gives me a tummy ache so I have had to stop drinking tea. I do use a roasted almond one for baking though it tastes dreadful on its own, but it fine for Ovaltine or Horlicks. xx

  3. I could never be vegan because I like dairy too much. Must have real cow's milk in tea and coffee. Don't mind the others with cereal, though.