Monday, 5 March 2018

Retail Therapy Redefined

I'm still at the stage where  I see many more of my old possessions being 'decluttered' out of the house than new ones coming in.   Less consumption brings pleasure.   Money  is saved, I have a house that's easier to live in and there's more time to do other things than shop.   There's also enhanced appreciation when I actually  get around to buying something.  It feels like a real treat when making a purchase is a bit of a novelty. 

There's a few reasons that I'll go ahead and open my purse but the main one is that a certain possession or the lack of something is causing unacceptable annoyance.  A friend may have mocked me for buying  'The Most Expensive Cheese Grater in the World', Actually that's an exaggeration. Mine was about thirty quid and there's one by Alessi which retails at about the £300 mark.  It's given me great service and has removed the frustration that blunt blades on the cheap old offering from a pound shop used to bring.  I rest my case.

My slippers have had it.  Not the fancy  Mahabis ones that I bought a few years back.  They looked lovely but didn't really work for me.  I forgot to put the soles on or would lose one just as I wanted to go outside. So I'd replaced them with a pair of fabric slip ons from Deichmann.  They've done the trick for a good couple of years and are robust enough to withstand trips outdoors on the frequent occasions when I forget to change footwear.   But I'd trodden the backs down and they no longer felt nice on. 

I considered the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra. The only repair that I found on YouTube consisted of reinforcing the heel region with Duck Tape.  That sounded scratchy.  Of course I could go barefoot but shoelessness causes pain these days.  So  I bought these replacements from the same retailer which arrived yesterday.   Money well spent in my book. They've removed a daily stressor.  Maybe that's the real meaning of retail therapy?


  1. Agreed, Julie, and the safety aspect of slippers is vital. I wear a pair of Sketchers clogs in the house which can also withstand a trip to the bins etc. We are slowly emerging from snowmageddon here and hopefully we’ll manage to collectbpur prescriptions this morning. Have a good week.

  2. You've had post? Lucky thing. xx

  3. I try to be thrifty most of the time but on some occasions when I've spent more on something that I will use often it has usually been money well spent.Sometimes it has been buy cheap buy twice x

    1. I try to avoid cheap buy twice these days. xx