Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Sat Nav

At some levels I find the idea that Esther Hicks translates communications from a group of non physical entities collective know as Abraham difficult to grasp.  On the other hand there is so much wisdom in what is communicated that I have to take notice.  Change your thoughts to positively impact your emotions and consequently your response to the world.  Although some conventional therapists out there might beg to differ, it's not so very different to CBT.

I'm going to quickly share a metaphor that grabbed me.  Esther/Abraham describes our inner guidance system as like a SatNav.  When we go in the wrong direction our assistant might get bossy and persistent and tell us what to do to get back on track.  'Turn around when possible.' is her familiar cry.    However she doesn't consistently admonish us for getting lost in the first place.  That's in the past and done and dusted.   All she wants to do is get us back on track!