Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Spoons Again

My recycling efforts are going splendidly.  My nephew's wife gave me a little pot of beer bottle tops that will be put to good use.  'We've got some pizza bases for you.'  said one of my 'Other Boys'.  'I collect bottle tops now as well.' I prompted them.  'Well why don't we just bring all our rubbish round for you to pick through?'  Overwhelming but wouldn't it lovely if everything got used for art?

I've posted about  the upcycling of cutlery before.   But after I came across some fish made out of spoons.   Very simple but effective. These are reclaimed forks.  Aren't they marvellous?  And  I'm very taken by the daffodil/humming bird combo.   I'm planning on making some art projects for the garden this year.  Some spoon based flowers stuck on stalks in the beds may be just what I need for a hassle free plot.


  1. Both the flower and the fish are wonderful. Much better than some of the ham-handed fork crafts I see at some fairs.

    1. Oh I haven't seen any of those. I can imagine some projects might end up with a less than satisfactory end product. xx