Sunday, 4 March 2018

The Maddest Knitting Project.....Ever!

I've just found out about the existence of Tardigrades, also known by the rather cuter names of water bears and moss piglets.  I was surprised that they live all over the planet because I've never seen one.  Then I found out that the biggest is less than a couple of millimetres long.  Ah that explains it! My eyesight is so poor these days that I could have difficulty spotting a new born kitty let alone something that could sit on top of a pin.  But if you want to go and spot them here's useful advice from a wonderful newly discovered website 'The Kid Should See This'.

These critters are tough. They can survive extremes of temperature and pressure, radiation and dehydration.  I don't really want to think about the experiments that they might have been subjected to so that these facts could be discovered.  I was going to elaborate much more on their super survival strengths but in the process  of researching this post I came across this.

Someone has knitted a woolly tardigrade complete with eight legs and a weird nose.  Now isn't this one of the most wacky knitting projects ever?


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. Apparently they live in moss. I reckon your little'uns might like looking for them. xx

  2. How strange.I thought it was a canvas toy-even the mouth looks like it's a plastic nozzle to me.Weirdy,weirdyx

  3. (That has been crochetted not knit.)

    They are remarkable creatures; I first heard of them last year and sort of fell in love with their little vacuum cleaner noses.

    1. Yes I realised about the crochet after I'd done the post. Too late was the cry..... Of course I could edit but I can't be arsed! xx