Thursday, 12 April 2018

Not My Maturest Post Ever

I'm surprised I haven't shown this photo in an earlier post.   Maybe I was too embarrassed when I managed to wedge a tallboy in between the stairs to Lou's attic hangout and the wall on the landing.  But as they say time is a great healer.   It illustrates the carnage in my home last year when I decided to move two pieces of furniture all on my little ownsome.  Mr Metrosexual got cross when he discovered the unholy mess that I'd got myself into that involved climbing.  Yikes!  Yes, that is a pair of tights.    They're a necessary part of every single woman's toolkit!

For those who can't be arsed to follow the above link back let me summarise.   I bought this for the spare room but it didn't fit. Large scale furniture rearrangement was required.  So I had a rethink and repurposed my new purchase'.  It's jolly handy and tidies away all the coats and shoes.  But it still looks like I've got a wardrobe in the dining room. To make it more cupboard-y I decide to change the handles from the innocuous brass ones.  The new ones arrived yesterday.

And here we have the easiest makeover in the world.  Those who are vaguely observant will notice that there is a chicken on top of the cupboard too.  'Only you would think of doing that and make it work!' said Calamity Jane approvingly.

Here are my new handles close up.  Jolly aren't they?  They're from a firm I found online called Trinca Ferro, named after a Brazilian bird. They have a glorious selection of knobs.  Snigger!  And the website is a veritable treasure trove for fans of puerile Carry On-esque innuedo.   It invites you to 'View All Knobs By Size'.  Now there's an offer I haven't had for a long time!


  1. That’s the ipad screen covered in spluttered water-again! Do like the flowery knobs- not seen any like those before. You made me smile again this morning-thank you.

  2. Yes I do agree -a nice knob can transform almost anything x

  3. "View all knobs by size!" What a wonderful sentence, I am still laughing. JanF

    1. I know! The person either has the Syd James gene or is very innocent. xx

  4. I love the colour of this wood. It looks like a really nice sturdy cupboard. I wouldnt mind it myself!!!