Friday, 27 April 2018


I'm trying to increase my 'accidental' exercise - walking more to burn those calories.  As I was getting into Paddington early on Saturday to see Aril from Gnat Bottomed Towers.  I decided to eschew the Underground on my way to meet her and again, we navigated our way around London after our Foundling Museum visit.  Armed with my trusty satnav on Google maps I set off.

Photo:  Rept0n1
This cheeky chappy outside Edgware Road station.  I didn't think I could get a good shot of him so I've borrowed someone else's photo.

Some inspirational tiling on a wall.

And more on a tube station.

The queue outside Madame Tussauds was already forming.  I hoped that where we were going was a bit quieter.

The wackiest of steampunk wall art on an otherwise non descript building.

Evidence of a very famous house share.

The whimsical....

...and the spiritual and serene.

And so much more!  What I saw thrilled and delighted.   So much nicer that those dirty, dark tube tunnels.


  1. Much better and doing your soul and mind good as well as your body.
    J x

  2. I always thought there was nothing appealing about London and have only been there a few times in my life and it took an American living in London to show me a different side to the capital. Have you ever been on Steve's blog Shadows and Light? He is a keen photographer and photographs unusual, quirky or interesting things around London, both on his way to work or taking his dog Olga out.

    Joan (Devon)

    1. I went off London for a while but really enjoy my visits now. Will check out Shadows and Light. Thanks for the tip. xx

  3. I love just wandering in London, so interesting. When I am on holiday I walk everywhere, you miss so much of a city if you use underground transport. Carole.

    1. Yes I'll be doing more walking from now on. xx

  4. I'
    m still in love with London, and I know, I only see it through tourist and movie eyes. Your walk and photos reminded me why.

  5. Gorgeous tiles Missus!

    1. I know! I especially like the ones with semi circles xx