Monday, 9 April 2018

Passes: Glasses: Bah!

Here's me and my boy about eighteen months ago in the cloud room at the Timehouse in Totnes. I was wearing my varifocal glasses that I bought from Asda in Taunton  about six months previously.   They were neat.  But then I broke them and shortly after my spare pair went kaput because sometimes I can be hellishly clumsy.  And so as it's a bit of a palaver to go for a new eye test and get proper replacements I've been relying on supermarket reading glasses ever since.  A pair that I was rather partial to was bought last May in E Leclerc in Morlaix for about a tenner, thrown in with the grocery shop on the way to our favourite Breton campsite.  The same cat's eye shape as the proper ones. I pushed them onto the top of my head when they weren't needed for close work.   Over the last month though they've been on their last legs.  An arm fell off about ten days ago and then the lenses popped out.   Finally the bit of plastic that held the fringe snapped off.  I was philosophical about it.  As I've said I'm a clumsy klutz and this is good going.

So yesterday a new pair arrived from Amazon sixteen hours after I'd ordered the emergency placement.  Nine quid and reasonably nice.  I don't like them quite as much as my old  frenchy ones but I doubt if anyone else will notice the difference.    The question is whether I go back to expensive prescription lenses.  Opticians say that it's not a good idea to wear cheap and cheerful specs.    But is it a case of 'They would say that, wouldn't they?'  or am I really doing myself untold damage?


  1. Catherine Evans-Routley9 April 2018 at 06:40

    Always good to get your eyes checked by optometrist and be guided by them. They are able to pick up all sorts of things about general health not just your eyes. If you drive, as you do, and use computers very important to keep your eyes healthy. I work as an eye nurse and spend a long time talking to patients about the need to get eyes checked. Even if you don't wear specs ideally you should go every 2 years. Most optometrist have a heap and cheerful range if you don't want to spend too much. Eyes are precious and something we all take for granted

    1. “ Eyes are precious and something we all take for granted”
      Quite rightly said Catherine and very apt considering my post today!
      She says having lapsed 4 years between tests AND getting crossbecause due to the astigmatism in my right eye I cannot access cheap supermarket off the shelfers or I would be doing!!! Those glasses look lovely on you LG but that shape turns me into some kind of hideous Edna Everage!!!

  2. The optician is also able to test for other conditions whilst carrying out your test. I think personally it's money well spent. Bit like going to the dentist.

  3. Best to get eyes checked every two years. I don't always buy specs when I get mine checked, if I can see perfectly well with the ones I already have. Therefore my expensive glasses, £200 - £300, last me a long time. I would never buy cheapo ones.

  4. I think you have been lucky that glasses from sources other than an optician have been okay for you, BUT I wouldn't take chances on my eye-sight. You can get hearing-aids and false teeth if needed, but you can't get another pair of eyes! Sorry for being melodramatic, but I don't believe in taking chances with something you can't replace.

    Joan (Devon)

  5. Please have an eye check-my DH has diabetes and the optician picked up the start of his glaucoma. Now attends specialist clinic twice a year, and had laser treatment to open new drainage channels. He’s paranoid about losing his sight so always keeps these appointments without a murmur. Well done on the weight loss-I think I have slipped again into not so good eating habits.

  6. My optician said it was ''up to me ''whether I continued with my cheapo reading glasses or bought theirs.I use both now x

  7. There is a lot of very good advice up there, do please consider it. xx