Wednesday, 25 April 2018

RIP: Avicii

Louis introduces me to music in the car. Often I say 'Turn that bloody racket off'!' and then realise that I'm beginning to sound like my dad when I was a teenager.   But at other times he comes up with gems.  I'll have to find you one of my favourite Imagine Dragons tracks to share one day.  I wouldn't have known about that group so soon if I wasn't mum to a teenager.

Avicii, the only DJ that I know by name, is a shared like. He passed away last weekend at just twenty eight.  No news of how he died yet but the loss of another young life is tragic whatever its cause. Avicii was a talented musician and a philanthropist working to alleviate global hunger.  Here's my favourite track played in his memory.


  1. Isn’t it fab sharing music with our kids,! My son played me Avicii’s “Penguin” a few years ago because he knew I would like it. That track was based on “Perpetuum Mobile”, which reminded me how much I used to love Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and I’ve since seen them play twice. And we won’t mention how my kids know the words to everything Madness ever recorded .....

    1. Just listened to 'Penguin' for the first time. Very cool. I'm trying to think of something Louis will admit to liking that I introduced him to...maybe the Libertines..but he is fifteen and I am very old. xx