Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A New Home for the Brixham Birdies?

I've been gardening lately.  Well  I've been chopping back bamboo and a exceptionally rampant passion fruit vine in my teeny tiny backyard.   That's good for me.   I'm thinking about painting my shed pink and giving my tatty outdoor table and chairs some sort of makeover.  I might even buy a few plants for the pots outside.  Easy tiger!

I'd quite like one of these caravan birdhouse kits from the wonderfully named 1Man1Garage to hang somewhere in my backyard.   It might encourage some of my smaller winged friends rather than the seagulls that monopolise these parts. The only thing that stops me getting out the wood glue in readiness is the cost of the postage from the US.  Never mind.  Our trip to New York State is only three months away.  I might get one sent to the Second Martha Stewart's house and bring it back to Blighty in my hand luggage.


  1. Those are wonderful, do get one ordered to bring back. It will be a perfect souvenir ,beautiful and useful to boot.

    1. And flat! Ideal as we're only taking carry on bags to save the pennies. xx