Thursday, 10 May 2018

Did You Watch.......?

I can pretty much cut people off and answer 'No' before they've named the TV programme or film that they're asking me about these days.  In 2018 I've seen the two movies that I wrote about a while back and following my visit to the Grayson Perry exhibit in Bristol the other week  I streamed an episode of 'All In the Best Possible Taste'.  This is one of a series of three programmes about taste and class in the UK.   I'd like to see the rest but they're not available in the UK.  A rare DVD purchase may be in order.   

And so,  if my memory serves me well, I've just listed everything I've watched in 2018, aside from music and inspirational .YouTube clips  Most of the time I just listen to those in the car.  The visual element is surplus to my needs.

If I didn't have a teenager I think I'd ditch the  telly and the Amazon Prime subscription too.  It's an instrument which increases the risk of being exposed to way more negativity than is helpful.   I also only have a little time over to read, exercise, create and write as it is.  There'd be no space at all for all of  these lovely things if I settled down in front of the box on a more regular basis.  

I'm not preaching any message here.  There's a lot of good things to be said about TV and movie watching.  They can be immersive, enriching experiences.  But if you're feeling time poor think about your viewing habits.   In the words of an old BBC children's programme:

'Why Don't You Just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go Out and Do Something Less Boring Instead?'


  1. I haven't owned a TV for years, I don't miss it at all as long as I have my books and the internet. xx

    1. I suspect I won't own one when the boy flies the nest. xx