Monday, 14 May 2018

Evidence of Early Space Travel?

If there was definite proof that the Loch Ness monster, Big Foot and a few random fairies existed, none would be more pleased than I.  For I am a dweller in the land of make believe.  Sometimes it's a soother for real life.

I was really interested to hear the other day that there's evidence on Salamanca's cathedral of time traveller in ancient times.  Here is the astronaut  that adorns the building's facade.  'Ha! Proof.' I thought happily.  You can see the breathing line and look at those lovely boots.  They didn't have anything like that in the olden days.  I was all ready to share a post telling you about my amazing discovery.

Alas! It just shows how gullible that I am.  With a bit of further research I've found out that he was added to the front of the building by a cheeky stonemason in 1992.  I still think he's lovely though.