Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Internal Compass: Still Shagged

I'm very pleased with this photograph taken from my car windscreen yesterday even though there is a bit of a reflection.  It's of the tree bowed by the wind that I mentioned in my post the other day about getting lost in lanes of the South Hams.    There was an opportune moment to take the shot as I'd just been passed by a couple of trucks that blocked the lane behind me.  So I stopped and snapped.  I particularly love the new spring leaves that I've captured.

And what do you know?  I managed to get all the way to Chillington today without getting lost.  Even though I'd forgotten the way to turn to get to the person's house when I hit the main road I got it right.  Bingo!  It all went pear shaped on the way home though.   My sense of direction left me immediately and I failed to locate the minor road that I'd come down.   A detour to the next village was possible.   Aril commented on my last post that she had a theory that mysterious powers move roads around at night.  In the sleepy Devon countryside I think that they do it in the afternoon too!


  1. That would look good in black and white I think! Fab photo Missusx

    1. Tried it with the special effects thingy...Yes looks good. xx