Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Not Shaming, Not Blaming

This is one of my own photos from the seafront at Southend-on-Sea my childhood town that I still occasionally call home if I'm off guard.   In the last week I've seen it looking quite different.  Pictures  on social media have shown it strewn with litter.  I've even had the posts shared to me personally by friends who know my Essex pedigree.  I haven't passed them on. 

I'm trying to opt out of the culture of blaming and shaming.  It seems rife these days but maybe it always has been and it's just that I've become super alert to it.  Even when the cause is a good one I'm uncomfortable.   With regard to the litter situation I clean up after myself and often after other people, quite publicly at times.  I try to remember my water bottle, portable cutlery and metal straw so that I don't generate rubbish in the first place but don't always.    'Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.' Words of that bloke in the white dress come to mind and 'To err is human'.  I'm trying to lead by example rather than rubbing other people's nose in their own do-da.  After all I reckon that I commit plenty of misdemeanours of my own that others could shame me for - even without looking particularly hard.


  1. When we walk the dogs round our local park every evening we have the routine of picking up all the rubbish we walk past and most of it is fast food wrappers. I think that is where most of the problem lies. By the next night it is just as bad though :( Jane xx

    1. Excellent - if more of us lead by example then slowly the lesson may sink in. xx