Saturday, 19 May 2018

Reflections From The Snot Monster

Morning all!  I've been more tired than usual all week and I think  the cause is now clear.  I am home to a virus breeding station.  Yesterday the signs were there - the tickle in the back of the throat, the first signs of an annoying cough.  This morning I am a fully fledged snot production factory.  Bah!  At least there's a good chance that the bloody cold will have receded before next week's Breton holiday.

I had so many things planned for this weekend, lots of work on the business,  a meal in a nice restaurant, gardening, work on restoring that old '50s cupboard and a walk with one of 'My Other Boys' around the castle where his husband works.  Yes really!   Don't I have to hole myself up in bed with a gallon of lemsip and a tissue mountain instead?

Well hang on a cotton pickin' minute!  What I've found with colds is that I feel bloody awful in the morning, enough to make me want to stay in bed.  But it's not good for all that muck that my body's producing to stay put.  Actually I feel better if I get up, cough and splutter and move gently.  I  might have a few extra sit downs and a longer afternoon nap than usual.  And of course experience tells me that I'll tend to wane by the evening but there you go.  There is a chance that my plans won't go too awry.  Finger crossed for me.