Monday, 21 May 2018


I set myself a challenge yesterday to see if there are 100 things that I do to save money. To be honest I thought that was quite a big ask.  But about an hour later I'd came up with my list which I'll share below.  It might give others ideas.  

My financial life as a single mum with a mortgage is much more of a juggling act than I had to perform when I was part of a couple in my married life.  There's still things that I'd like to do better, save more, get rid of the credit card balances that built up when I moved into my new home.  And there's little tweaks where more money can be saved.  But I'm pleased to say that everything is going in the right direction.  And I have lots of fun.  'I don't know how you do it.' is a comment that my friends sometimes make.  Here's how:

Food and Drink
  1. Using up leftovers
  2. Making packed lunches
  3. Shopping at the cheaper supermarkets
  4. Looking out for yellow sticker goods
  5. Filling own water bottle
  6. Making use of cheap foods such as rice, vegetables, pulses
  7. Good value wine rather than expensive stuff
  8. Buying supermarket own brands rather than branded goods
  9. Avoid expensive ready meals.
  10. Limit takeaways.
  11. Doggy bags in restaurants
Health and Beauty
  1. Only buying toiletries and make up that I use on a daily basis
  2. Choosing generic  rather than branded medication
  3. Cutting own hair
  4. Minimal hair products
  5. No tattoos!
  6. No beauty salon/therapist visits
  7. NHS treatment rather than private

  1. Book buying is now rare
  2. Choosing cheap hobbies
  3. Cooking for each friends instead of eating out
  4. No smoking
  5. Saving eating out as a treat rather than a regular occasion
  6. Seeing less well known bands rather than big acts.
  7. No magazine subscriptions
  8. Making presents for friends
  9. E-greeting rather than birthday/Christmas cards
  10. No gym membership
  11. Rare coffee shop visits
  12. Actively looking for free/cheap attractions on days out
  13. Sneaking sweets drinks into cinema
  14. Use of 2 for 1 deals to atractions/cinemas
  15. No pets
  16. Volunteering at festival rather than paying for ticket (a new one this year -watch this space!)
Shopping Habits
  1. Impulse purchases rare
  2. No present buying agreements with friends
  3. Spotify rather than paying for music downloads (I was historically e a big music buyer!)
  4. Take pleasure in getting rid of things rather than buying
  5. Remembering that however much something seems a bargain it is only one if you use it
  6. Only buying craft supplies needed for my current project
  7. Replace consummable goods with longer lasting replacements e.g my cleansing cloth, microfibre clothes instead of J Cloths.
  8. Avoid designer
  9. Avoid shopping as a leisure pursuit
  10. Admire things for what they are rather than having to own them
  11. Buy in bulk if it's going to be used up
  12. Buy single items/small amounts rather than a pack if I'm not going to use the lot - fixings, spices
  13. Finding good deal on mobile phone
  14. Not having the latest up to date electronics
  1. Charity shop clothes
  2. Dye clothes to extend life.
  3. More expensive but longlasting shoes bought in sales
  4. Leggings rather than tights
  1. Choosing cheap small car with good mpg
  2. Avoiding car parking charges
  3. Multitasking on car journeys
  4. Eco Driving
  5. Finding cheaper filling stations
  6. Avoiding parking tickets/speeding fines
  7. Keeping my tyre pressures at the correct level
  8. Not carrying around a lot of weight in the car
Household etc
  1. Shopping around for insurance, utilities
  2. Shopping around for big purchases
  3. Lidl/Aldi for larger purchases
  4. Turning off heating when I'm not in the house
  5. Doubling up on oven use
  6. No tumble drier
  7. Having a protective case for my mobile phone
  8. Using the freezer wisely
  9. Low energy lighting
  10. Dry cleaning rare
  11. No ironing
  12. Seeing furniture as purchases for life rather than fashion items
  13. Keeping warm in winter by wearing more clothes, insulating home, blankies
  14. No printer at home!
  15. Making do and mending when possible
  16. Cutting down on washing by not changing clothes daily
  17. 0% deals on credit cards
  18. No garden watering
  19. Actively monitoring water consumption
  20. Not overfilling kettle
  21. No fancy TV package (although we do have Prime for movies)
  22. Check Quidco for cashback on new purchases
  23. Not buying expensive insurance policies for gadgets
  24. Checking if I can get a free alternative rather than paying for an app
  25. Quick showers
  26. Low dishwasher use
  27. Buying  secondhand whenever possible
  28. Accepting  freebies from friends gracefully
  29. Borrowing  rather than buy tools that you're not going to use often.
Travel and Holiday
  1. House swaps and staying with friends
  2. Holiday loyalty scheme at French campsite
  3. Flying with hand luggage only
  4. Shopping around for airport parking
  5. Shopping around for cheap flights/ferry deals/trainfares
  6. No new holiday wardrobe
  7. Multitrip travel insurance tailored to what is planned for the year
  8. Avoiding  taxis
  1. Saying no to child
  2. Limiting Christmas/birthday presents to child
  3. Limiting child's regular activities.