Sunday, 13 May 2018

Three Rows Back

What a glorious day I had yesterday.  I'm in Cornwall with Louis and Calamity Jane in her new-ish home.  'What would you like to do Lou?' we asked him.  'Eat, have a wander, look around some funky shops.'  That was the general gist of his answer.  So we headed off to Fowey as it fitted the bill.  It's a stunning place.  Here's a seagull admiring the view as much as I was.

There's a marvellous statue just out of the shopping area inspired by Daphne du Maurier's 'The Birds.

Now I just don't do impulse buying.  Replacement placemats have been on my shopping list for some time.  My wonderful retro ones from Habitat, made from black plastic are warped.  I've tried remedial ironing without success.   I wanted something funky and spotted these ones from LIGA in a lovely shop (there's lots of those in Fowey).  I bought eight sea themed cork mats for four quid each, each in a different design. The sea urchin has got to be my favourite.  At four pounds a pop they didn't break the bank

Lunch stop.  We ate our squid and chips down on the harbour.

And scrummy pudding from here.  Honey and ginger slipped down rather nicely.

Now our evening had a very different feel.  We hopped down to Falmouth for Calamity Jane had treated me to tickets to 'From the Jam'.   We left Louis at home with a stash of food and his electronic devices.  I think it was the best decision.  All the frenetic 'Mum Dancing' would have been way too embarrassing.

No Paul Weller but this chap instead.  They play all the Jam's old numbers.  The hall was filled with oldies over fifty and seemingly a lone group of young art school students.   We were right near the front but there was no moshing.  Everyone was too ancient for all that pushing and shoving!

Here's Bruce Foxton, the only original band member.  He seems to go to the same hairdresser that he did in the seventies!

I didn't want to leave the keyboard player out.

Home past midnight with ringing ears.  I danced my little socks off and am shattered this morning.  A more sedate day I think today.  After all I am getting on a bit!


  1. Love the mats. Your weekend sounds fun. Great weather here today as well and have enjoyed being outdoors.

    1. It's excellent isn't it. Even had a couple of siesta dozes on recliners in the garden this weekend. xx