Saturday, 2 June 2018

A Lesson or Two

We've had a wonderful time in a glorious place.  I've exercised, read and relaxed.   Just the type of low key holiday I   needed.   Louis?  Well I don't know the half of what he's been up to.  He seems to have collected a bevy of French maidens on his Snapchat account.  As such he has been taking more interest in the lingo here than usual.  'Teach me something French that I can say to them, Mum.'  I took inspiration from an Eddie Izzard skit.  'Le singe est dans l'arbre.'  He went off repeating it solemnly .  'How did it go?' I asked later if he'd tried out my random offering.  Apparently the girl in the yellow coat and her mate looked very puzzled.

No photos today.  I enjoyed the pink granite on my meander along the cliff top path without the need for any snapping yesterday.    I might take some in Roscoff where we're heading for our usual overnight stay before catching the early ferry tomorrow.  It's such a charismatic port town.   Instead of pictures  I thought I'd share these words that grabbed me the other day.  They seem to sum up a lesson that I've truly absorbed over the past year.

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