Tuesday, 26 June 2018

After Work

I went for a sea swim yesterday, the first local one this year.   My preferred time is when the nearby cove  is quiet at the beginning and end of the day.   I'd thought about going on Saturday morning but in the end did another of those Parkruns instead.  I walked a lot more this time because it was already sweltering  by the 9am start and I'm not used to running in the heat.  Even so I shaved nearly a minute off my last effort so I was very pleased.  It bodes well for more personal bests in the future. I can see plenty of scope for easy improvement.

Early on Sunday I headed down to the beach with the best of intentions.  However the tide was out and the rocky, slimy surfaces were too hard to negotiate with bare feet.  I must have looked a bit of a sight to the people eating their breakfast on the yachts on the moorings.  I was doing a precarious crab like crawl to get back to my possessions after aborting my attempt to hit open water after immersing myself just past my knees. My balance was not helped by the attention I was receiving from a small dog!   It was most ungainly.  You live and learn  so I'd  returned with a little pair of pumps this time around.

A dip after work is such a lovely benefit of being here.  My nearest beach is just a ten minute stroll through  beautiful parkland.    It's just what living by the sea is all about.  So much nicer than an indoor pool with the beautiful vistas, the space and the peace.   It feels like the epitome of freedom.  I'd like to say that I can swim until I'm bored. But I'm hesitant.  I said a similar thing about running and look what happened there!

Last evening was glorious..  The adorable mermaid baby picture is in lieu of my own photos as I don't have my phone with me.  In fact I don't take too much at all down to the beach.  Just a dress over my costume that I pop back on over my wet costume when I'm done,  a small towel  for my feet and sandals.  I don't dry myself properly but shower when I've get back home.  After all it's just a hop, skip and a jump away.  I count myself as very lucky to have such an effective stress reliever at my disposal after a long hot day at the office. 

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