Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Art at Sea

There's an audio-visual art tour for the Pont Aven, Brittany Ferries' flagship which covers the routes between Plymouth, Roscoff, Santander and Cork.  I've been meaning to do it for some years but in the past a good book,  napping or eating seems to have got in the way.   But on our trip home this weekend I managed to get around to doing it and wasn't disappointed.  It got me noticing in a way I hadn't done before.  This is one of a series of planet paintings that are hung in the floors of the main atrium.

I had realised the greeny glass column by the lift was a sculpture before.  To be honest I hadn't appreciated its existence at all.

There are cases down to the posh restaurant filled with traditional Breton ceramics.   Most pass by unnoticed.

And here's some lovely fused glass work in the piano bar.  I had difficult understanding what the opaque stuff in the middle was but I think its  paper used in the glassmaking process.

Down by the self service restaurant there's huge columns filled with sculptures made of painted paper.  Now I had clocked those before.  They're very unusual.

There's a huge structure in the coffee shop that had to be specially engineered to withstand the ship's movement.

And gloriously lively paintings in the main bar.  I would have loved a closer look at these but there were too many people sitting around and I felt uncharacteristically self conscious.

 There's very expressive pottery in the bar too.  I felt that it was rather reminiscent of my beloved work by Bernard Moss.
Some of my favourite work was in the corridor where the posh cabins are located.  They are drawings that depict scenes from the ship being built.

As a equal lover of art and science I found these fascinating.

At the end of the fascinating tour I was urged to go and study the visually delightful and ever changing sea.  Here's what I snapped. 

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