Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Back and Forth

I'm back to Cornwall today.  This time it's not so exciting as last week's little jaunt down there.  I'm taking a bit of time off in lieu and to go to Asda Opticians for a late afternoon appointment.   As my nearest branches selling  incredibly reasonably priced specs are in Taunton or St Austell it's a bit of a hike.  But worth it when I can get two pairs of varifocals for  just one hundred and nineteen quid.  The plus side is that I'll stay over with Calamity Jane and have a catch up giggle.  We always seem to cause each other to cry with laughter.

Anyway I thought I'd share a few more photos from last week, mainly from a couple of coast path walks.  There's less boats than yesterday.  I promise!

Let's get the marine craft out of the way.  I took this as I liked the contrast between that vivid blue and the orange rope.

A very different shot.  There's a big shipyard in Falmouth and you can look down and watch all the goings on. A Royal Fleet Auxillary vessel is being tarted up there at the moment.

Going botanical now.  I'm pleased off this shot of globe artichokes growing wild.  I'm pretty proud of this one.  Mind you artichokes are a bugger to eat unless they're prepared for you.  Not worth the effort in my book.

And when I was having a cider on one of our rather frequent pub stops I look up and noticed that the palm tree that I was under was in bloom.

I spotted these footsteps on the path up near Pendennis Castle. Two ladies sitting on a bench told me how there were some in other parts of town.  They mark the beat of PC Andy Hocking who died suddenly in 2015.  He was so well loved in the town that 6,000 turned up for his memorial walk.

Back in town I spied this poster in the same bookstore where I'd queued with Salty Dog a couple of days before.  I'm going to take arty inspiration from the graphics.

And last but not least the beach at Maenporth. Another photo nicked from Salty Dog.  You see that little dot in the distance.  That's me: The first sea swim in 2018.  It was okay once I got used to the temperature and could feel my hands again!


  1. What a lovely way to remember someone.

  2. I love the arty-choke shot! I've never tried an artichoke, don't think I will ever either.

    1. The hearts are lovely when they come pre-prepared in jars of oil. xx