Thursday, 7 June 2018


Even though it is sometimes Seal City here I haven't seen any of the beasties off Brixham for sometime.  Perhaps they've gone to Brittany  as I learnt  that they sometimes do on the seal talk a couple of years ago .  Go back and read my article.  It contains some fascinating facts.

The French word for seal is 'le phoque'.  Lou found that funny and was trying to devise Carry On-esque sentences with it.  His memory for foreign words is shocking.  Something to do with the dyslexia but something tells me that one has sunk in!

This lovely creature was posing for me and Mr Metrosexual up close when we went for a glorious walk yesterday along the Breakwater.  The structure stretches out to sea for about a quarter of a mile and it is my Devon equivalent of Southend pier.  I walk it in all seasons.  Anyway this seal was lying right near the walkway, the first of my summer season.  I got clear views of its markings.  I'll send the photo off to the Cornwall Seal Group as they like to track individual animals.